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How to find better Amazon Search Keywords With Seller Labs Scope

Amazon Search For Sellers

As Amazon Sellers we have two goals:

  1. Find products people want
  2. Help people find these products.



How do we help people find our products? By optimizing search  for our products.

Searching is how most people start their Amazon experience….When was the last time you knew exactly what you wanted  on Amazon?

I know for me the first thing I do when I go to Amazon is search.

Because search is so important if people cannot find your products, no matter how good they are, you will not make sales.

So how do you rank better on Amazon? By finding the keywords in Amazon that people are searching for!

This sounds easy but it is hard to find the best keywords… That is where Scope comes in

SellerLabs Amazon Keyword Tool


Scope is a Chrome Extension tool that quickly shows me the Amazon ranking and keyword information. The power of the tool is the keyword optimization as you can see below



✅Quickly find the right keywords that are making the sales

✅Generate new profitable keywords based on similar keywords

✅Sellerlabs Scope efficiently shows the bid range for the best keywords.  The perfect lead-in for discussing ads with the manufacturers

✅Get estimated sales, profit fees, indexed keywords, and Cost Per Click (CPC) bid range all in one spot


Checkout how SellerLabs Scope Gets Me More Accounts


Amazon SEO Tools

Finding new leads is about volume. The more leads you can get, the more manufactures you talk to, the more profitable products you will find. This is where Scope is so powerful because not only can you find the good products that are selling you can quickly identify what opportunities you have to improve the products so that you can get your foot in the door!

Find the winning products and quickly find out how you can improve the listing


Amazon Search

How to standout

As you find the new high-traffic keywords your  Amazon search position will rise. Since Scope gives you the power to know all of the keywords the best products rank for you can begin your journey to increased sales.


Sellerlabs Scope Wrapup

So you made it to the end! Congrats.

Now you may be asking yourself do you need this tool… and I hate to say it but… no you don’t need it.

Wait… what did he say… Yea that is right you do not need  this tool.

It is just a tool but for me it brings in more $$$ than it did before.

This makes me ?

When I go to a new account I feel I have more power and knowledge than the last person ?

So at the end of the day it is just a tool but one I will continue to buy as it pays it own way in value

How I stand out in the crowded market of Amazon sellers

Give it a try.. at least the demo… what do you have to lose

Product Tracker

  • Track historical changes in price, sales, reviews and the Best Sellers Rank (BSR) for any product on Amazon

Keyword Position Tracker

  • Track a keyword’s ranking position to see how well it does in search over time.

Estimated Sales Per Keyword

  • See the estimated sales a keyword is driving for a given product.


Keyword Generator

  • Generate a comprehensive list of related keywords complete with search volumes and CPC bid ranges to fuel your PPC ads and optimize your listings.

Organize With Watch Lists

  • Stay organized with unique keyword and product watch lists.

Search Result Page Overview

  • Know the market opportunity of an Amazon search results page with revenue and sales average.


Keyword Ranking Lists

  • See the keywords that are driving the sales for a given product as well as its estimated sales, search volume and CPC bid.

Unlimited Searches

  • Search for keywords and products to your heart’s content. Scope will never limit the number of product or keyword searches you can do.

Sales & Revenue Estimates

  • Know how many sales your competition is making and see revenue estimates for any product.


How Facebook Groups Can Get You More Emails


How Facebook Grew My Email List

We all are on the path to provide value to our customers, grow our audience, and our business. The question is how to we do this with the short time we have but provide the biggest impact.

You could create a blog, make YouTube videos, or do Pintrest and ask people to sign up after they have seen your content… The drop off is high… unfortunately.



Stop Following The Old School Way!!!

  • Most of the blogs today are not read
  • Blogs don’t create a community
  • To much material but not focused.
  • People have stopped signing up to the blogs
  • Tease lines are overused


“Brilliant company grew to $200 billion”

“17 Secrects That Will Blow Your Mind”

“Why you fail and why it will change”


How To Get Started

Email is still critical, people respond, every day. So how do you continue to grow the list?

  • Create a Facebook Group based on your niche.
  • Add interactive content
  • Ask new member questions
    • You can ask up to 3 Questions.
    • Ask them to provide an email address


IT IS EASY TO SETUP …. In minutes

IT JUST WORKS …. (at least for me and those that I have spoken to)


One note… I make no statement of guarantee that Facebook approves of this yesterday, today, or in the future. BUT for right now it is what I do.


Here Is The New Way To Success


Create Facebook Group

Add New Member Facebook Group Questions

As part of the setup setup the member request setting.


That is it.. It is just that simple…


Get Started Today


Getting Started For Email Capture

Now that you have all this data… How do you capture it?

You need to store this somewhere…. You need a process….

That is why I use FBAdminApprove…

It allows the one click add of this information to Google Sheets…

It is cheap, fast, and will help you grow your list.


Facebook Groups to Email Capture Summary

[box type=”info”] Create a Facebook group Ask New Member question Include Email Request Provide awesome content Success!!!! It is that simple… Get started today [/box]