Getting Social Proof For The Trust Factor

What is Social Proof

Today does your website have a testimonial section? Is it buried somewhere on the site? How often is this page visited? What are your metrics? If you are like me they are probably pretty low… You need your testimonials, your social proof, to be front and center. This is what gives your customers confidence that you are legit, your products are quality, and they can trust you.

Social proof is the next step to making your sales grow!

Does social proof equal a sale, do you want your name blasted to everyone just because you made a purchase? Most people say no. So you need to make sure you have a social proof product that is more than just a broadcaster of sales. It is great to have a social proof tool that tracks each sale and then shows the persons name but what does that prove? A sale does not equal product advocate.

Social proof  does not equal a sale

Talk to your customer and get their testimonials, via email, Facebook, or phone calls. Once you have this true social proof now you need a tools to show this off, without breaking the bank, that works everywhere.

Social proof  is for every business

It’s funny when you


think about social proof. Is there any business that does not want social proof? Dentist… Yup, Home Improvement… Yup, Car Dealer… Definitely, Grocery Store, SEO provider… The list goes on and on. In fact it is hard for me to think of a business this is not good for. Today to you have your testimonials all over the web when they should be on your website. There is no reason you don’t have this social proof on your website for your future customers to see!

Social Proof Competition… Its a great thing

Last year I paid over $500 for proof software…. in 2018 I will pay only $97

The market is blooming there has never been more competition. That is how you know this is a feature you must have to be successful in 2018. The great thing about more competition is the option to choose features that matter to you and at a price point you want. Think of the Android market, there is a phone at a price point you want for the features you want. With iPhone not so much, here are your three options. Take it or leave it. Now that competition is better than ever what should I look for?

Social Proof Vendors… What to look for

So what should I look for in a Social Proof vendor.

  • Simple configuration.
    • If you have to hire an IT guy to install and support is it really simple?
  • Control of the message
    • You know your audience the best. Does your vendor allow you to adapt the message
    • Is this vendor only showing you sales? Can you select who is shown the information
  • Flexibility
    • Does the vendor lock you into only a few implementation like only WordPress?

Are you reaching your audience in the right way?


Proof (UseProof)

Proof was first to market and offers a wide integration with their tool. While it is a capable product it tries to do everything. This leads to an overly complex setup and integration.  In my opinion they have gone away from being simple to justify their price point.

If you need a lot of feature and want to spend upwards of a $108 a month this could be a tool for you.


FOMO (UseFomo)

FOMO came along in 2014 to provide a social proof tool that allows you to configure your messages. While it is a capable product it setup and integration require many technical configuration points.  In my opinion it is a robust tool that gives you lots of configuration options but at the cost of a some times confusing setup.

If you need configuration, api integration, and want to spend upwards of a $199 a month this could be a tool for you.


Provely is social proof tool that allows you to configure your messages and is on the right direction for a simple user interface. While it is a capable product and the setup is minimal the pricing is on the high side and you could end up spending upwards of a $197 a year for this tool.


DigitalTable is included with ClickFunnels and only integrates with ClickFunnels. While this makes the integration simple you have no control on what is displayed. This is the downside of DigitalTable every sale is listed with the persons full name and city. This does not create a great experience for the custom as they may not want everyone to know they bought the product.

While it is a capable product and the setup is minimal the pricing is on the high side and you could end up spending upwards of a $297 a month for this tool as part of the full Clickfunnels package.


Morevago is a new social tool that is insanely simple to setup buy just plain effective. While there are others on the market none meet the ease of use, price point, and support.

In just 3 steps you are ready to go.

  • Create Campaign
  • Create Notification
  • Add the custom Javascript (no worries, it is just copy and paste 🙂 )

This is the value add of this tool. It lands in the sweet spot of price, performance, and capability. It provide the control you need and the ease of install you want. On top of this you can get this for a lifetime for $197 or monthly for 7.99.


So what do I use?  Morevago

Why? It just plain works, does exactly what I need and nothing more and is at a price point that makes it stupid to pass it up.

If you are using a social proof tool and are paying more than $10 dollars a month, or want a lifetime license for only $197 checkout Morevago.

If you are looking to simplify your social proof life, check out Morevago.

Lastly if you are not using social proof and you are dealing with a customer and have a website get a social proof tool today! I don’t care what tool you use. Just get one!!!

Check out Morevago for 14 days for fee and see if you like it. Ping me in chat if you have any questions.


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