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Marketplace SuperHeros – An Amazon Private Label Course Review

Back in 2015 I started Amazon Private Label by importing from China using Alibaba. I was so close to success but I failed… Why? Because I bought the cool products… not the money products. It;s like driving a car with square wheels… You’re close to success but no there.

When I signed up for the Marketplace Superheros course my Amazon FBA (Fulfillment By Amazon) side hustle took off!

Robert Rickey and Stephen Somers taught me the objective way to sell and make profit. They teach you to fulfill demand and not try to create it.  This is my #! Private Label (PL) course that I took to learn how to sell on Amazon. While everyone has a different learning style I think this will work for you because they covers all of the critical information needed to be successful in PL.

Marketplace Superheros is not just some YouTube video broken down into clips

THis is their own material… Knowledge only a seller could have

TLDR: Is changing your life worth 60 minutes of your time? If so signup for this FREE course overview.

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Watch the video of my story and then read about all of the other great content!

What is Marketplace Superheros?

Marketplace Superheros is an Amazon Private Label course created by Stephen Somers and Robert Rickey. The course will provide you with all of the fundamentals needed to be a successful, money making, private label Amazon seller.

Here is a high level overview of what you will gain from the course

  1. Training
    1. What to source
    2. Where to source
    3. How to contact vendors
    4. How to ship your goods
    5. How to create an Amazon listing
    6. How to send your inventory in to Amazon
  2. Sourcing Tools – 4s Gauntlet
    1. The only tool you need to source products like a pro
  3. Private Facebook Community
    1. An active group that is very supportive and will help you grow!

Who is the face of Marketplace Superheros?

Stephen Somers and Robert Rickey are an Ireland based duo with extensive
Private Label knowledge with millions of dollars in sales in the US through


Robert Rickey and Steven Somers teach in a “tag team style” that allows for a each to bring their unique
experience to the training

Lastly let it be known that they are not JUST teachers… they are actually multi-million dollar Amazon Private label
sellers. You are learning from their mistakes and successes.

What is covered?

Marketplace Superheroes Training – Overview

The course has recently been updated in 2017 to reflect the changing Private Label marketplace you will be
working in… No stale, out of date information here. We are in the digital age and they keep the products up to date
(as a member you get the updates).
This is truly a “no holds bar” course. All you need to bring to the table is the willingness to learn and some capital
to buy your initial orders with. You do not even need that much capital to begin as you could start with less than
$1000 dollars.

Marketplace Superheroes Training – Core

The course is broken down into 2 phases and 12 modules.

These modules will give you all of the information you
need to be successful, regardless of your knowledge base today.
Each module will have a video and transcripts for you to print out as needed. Which is great as you have an
opportunity to absorb the information in the way that works for you. Also you have the opportunity to re-watch
the videos as often as you want.
The Marketplace Superhero (MPSH) team does a great job of creating a variety of learning options to allow all
different student learning types. This includes, video, audio, and printouts.

MPSH Core System – PHASE 1 – Mindset and Research for Success

  • Module 1 – The Marketplace Mindset
    • 5 Lessons
    • Laying the foundation… This module provides key concepts and will show you just how possible it is to
      generate incredibly passive income, with just a few sales per day.
    • 5 Lessons
    • How to find products to sell… This module will focus on the Search Phase of the Gauntlet, where we
      show you all you need to become a Research Master, finding new products to grow your business, now
      AND in the future.
  • Module 3 – THE 4S PRODUCT GAUNTLET: Shortlist PHASE
    • 5 Lessons
    • How to find the RIGHT products to sell… This module will show you how to Shortlist your product
      options and figure out whether we should sell a product or not…
  • Module 4 – THE 4S PRODUCT GAUNTLET: Select Phase (Initial)
    • 5 Lessons
    • Does this products make sense… This module is all about the sensibility and profitability of the products
      that you have put through the Search and Shortlist phases of the Gauntlet
  • Module 5 – THE 4S PRODUCT GAUNTLET: Select Phase (Final)
    • 5 Lessons
    • PROFIT$$$ Is there any….This module goes over profitability of the product we have selected.
  • Module 6 – THE 4S PRODUCT GAUNTLET: Source Phase
    • 5 Lessons
    • Time to get to the art of the deal…This module is where things become ALL about taking action, as we
      look into placing a trial order, engaging in further negotiations with suppliers, and eventually getting our
      products ordered and for sale.

MPSH Core System – PHASE 2 – Importing & Logistics for a 5, 6 or 7 figure international business on Amazon from absolute scratch.

  • Module 7: Business Structure & Seller Central
    • 5 Lessons
    • This is a REAL business… This module goes over how to do things correctly, and give your business a
      solid foundation.
  • Module 8: Purchasing & Importing
    • 5 Lessons
    • Process and Procedure time… This module goes over the process of Purchasing and Importing.
  • Module 9: The FBA Road Map
    • 5 Lessons
    • So that’s how Amazon gets my stuff… This module goes over moving items from your pre-Amazon
      location into Amazon’s fulfillment centers so they’re ready for your customers to purchase!
  • Module 10: Listing Optimization
    • 5 Lessons
    • It’s all about the Copy…. This module goes over Listing Optimization, taking all of the elements of your
      listing, titles, bullet points, descriptions, etc. and improving and perfecting them, to increase your
      conversion rates, and turn browsers into buyers.
  • Module 11: Account Management
    • 5 Lessons
    • Book keeping time… This module is all about looking after the health of your Seller Account on
      Amazon, to keep your business running smoothly at all times. You will learn what you need to check
      regularly, what to avoid, as well as looking at PPC Campaigns and making sure your items remain in
      stock, by reordering regularly.
  • Module 12: International Expansions
    • 5 Lessons
    • Time to cross the Pond… This module goes over International Expansion. This growth area is what can
      set you apart further from the other 90+ percent of sellers.

Marketplace Superheroes Training – Limited Time Offer

At this time they are also offering some additional deep-dive training to accelerate you learning. These courses show practical usage of the processes taught.
$1k Per Day Road Map Lesson

  • 1 Lesson
  • Find out how you can easily get to $1000 dollars a day in sales!!!

Fuel Your Empire

  • 1 Lesson
  • The production selection over the shoulder guide to success. What Robert and Stephen find the B.E.S.T
    products… (and learn what B.E.S.T) means.

Invincible Importing

  • 1 Lesson
  • Importing is SCARY!!! Not really… Watch the boys show how easy the importing process really is!

30 Minute Legendary Listings

  • 1 Lesson
  • It is all about the Copy… How you list you product will directly result in your sales volume. Watch the
    process to create a great listing.

Marketplace Superheroes Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

What makes this course unique from the other offerings out on the marketplace?

  • These are sellers and not trainers
  • Experienced importers from around the globe.
  • You can actually talk to the teachers… no ivory towers here.
  • There are 0 extension product upsells!

Marketplace Superheroes Course Recap

Is the course perfect, no…

Will it get you started on the path to success with private label? Yes…

In summary this is truly a no holds bar course. All you have to bring to the table is the willingness to learn and
some capital to buy your initial orders with. You do not even need that much capital to begin with you could start
with less than $1000 dollars.
As they like to teach… if you had just 5 products that sold 5 times a day and made a $5 dollar profit you would
have an extra $45k a year. I am sure that could get you a great vacation or two….
Once you have their system in place this truly can be a part time business. You just have to manage the sourcing
and reordering.
Shipping and deliver to Amazon can be done with 3rd party companies that Marketplace Superheroes work with.
Amazon FBA (Fulfillment By Amazon) will hold your stock, sell your goods, and ship the goods to your customers.
All you have to do is keep items in stock.
Remember boring products sell, if your friends think your item is cool you might want to move on.
Spinners are awesome, but there is $0 profit in them… I will let you in on a secret (…don’t tell anyone) I sell toilet
plungers and make a great margin …Like I said boring sells!

Your future awaits… What you make of it is your choice..

same old thing …or you can take this opportunity to grown and profit by taking the Marketplace Superheros course. I am a student, it has worked for me. It can work for you Want to learn more? Signup for the FREE workshop![/box]

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